Flagship Property Ventures Corp.

Flagship Property Ventures Corp. is a mid-sized Toronto based company that owns and operates 11 multi-unit residential properties across the Greater Toronto Area. Being both an owner and operator allows us to better understand the always-changing needs of our tenants as we take extraordinary steps to know and understand our tenants and the communities they live in. As such, we bring to each of our owned and operated buildings an unparalleled personal commitment, intelligence and a passion for making our buildings better. 
It is our ability to think creatively and to manage superbly that helps us deliver an extraordinary service to our tenants.  For example, using our own on-site maintenance team and dealing with recognized service contractors in the GTA, we take steps to ensure that all areas such as HVAC equipment, elevators, electrical, emergency lighting, CO detection, and fire alarms are all maintained to provide a safe and reliable environment. We firmly believe that proper and preventative scheduled maintenance that is done at our properties is the only way to ensure our tenants have reliable service. 

Lastly, we pride ourselves on our people, expertise and respectability. This approach allows our tenants the benefits of living in a well-maintained and clean building, and it's our commitment to our tenants so that they can have an enjoyable living environment.